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After its destruction in the ongoing South Sudanese Civil War, the John Dau Foundation (JDF) is rebuilding the Duk Lost Boys Clinic through the Koi ye Miooc (Dinka words for "generous persons") campaign. 

We need to generate $100,000 a year to fund basic  and critically needed  medical and nutrition services. As such, this campaign seeks to enroll 1,500 Koi ye Miooc Ambassadors who will donate $30 a month ($360 a year) to our efforts.

We are asking not only for your support, but for you to encourage your friends and relatives to help us in our efforts to provide basic medical and nutritional services to the people of South Sudan.


By supporting the campaign and encouraging others to do the same, you will bring new hope to the people of South Sudan. Each Koi ye Miooc Ambassador ensures the rebuilding and smooth functioning of the Duk Lost Boys Clinic – allowing the delivery of basic yet critical medical and nutritional services long into the future.

Ambassadors will receive a T-shirt, membership pin and other benefits – as well as the satisfaction of seeing your donations aid a community in need.

Donate by Mail

If you would like to aid us in our efforts, please mail a check valued at $360 each year or $30 each month to:

John Dau Foundation
136 Everett Road
Albany, NY 12205

Thank You KM Ambassadors

Craig Lindsey

Adrienne Feller Novick

Don Cross

Fatih Gencer

Lisa Shaw

Joseph & Mary Browne

Danielle Dron

Maduk Malual

Dhieu-Deng (John) Leek (Dau)

Barbara Connor

Charles O'Neil

Martin & Deborah Hubbard

Chris Legg

Charles Williams

Fatih Gencer

Evalyn Taylor

James & Alice Murphy

John & Ruth Howard

Madonna Harrington Meyer

Ted Kinder

Andrea Crowley

Denise Aquino

Heidi Cross

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